iAddress ™

iAddress™ is a SERP™/PERL™ - recognized and CASS™/PAVE™ - certified address management software package combining both speed and flexibility. From data entry to saving postage in mass mailings, iAddress™ is the intelligent solution to your mailing address needs.

iAddress™ for Windows™ is the first off-the-shelf product that allows users to produce Canadian and US mailings from the same software. iAddress™ makes address verification and mailing to either country simple and efficient with a single interface.

iAddress™ ACV is available for correction/validation only. From providing the highest quality address validation and correction to the highest performance (6M records an hour) on the market, iAddress™ ACV is the tool of choice.

iAddress™ DC is available for a range of additional platforms to meet your organizationís address hygiene requirements. From real-time verification for data entry or websites to flexibility with integration into existing architectures, iAddress™ DC is the tool of choice.

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