iAddress™ Full

iAddress™ Full (CA)

iAddress™ is a robust, fully-featured, stand-alone software providing address correction/validation and presort, with access to add-on modules. The software includes an intuitive interface with a mailing wizard  for ease-of-use. Utilities are included for duplicate identification and removal, record suppression, targeting, and individual address look-ups. It is available for both Canada and the United States and can be fully automated for hands-free processing.

iAddress™ Full for Canada

SERP™/PERL™-recognized iAddress™ Full for Canada provides all reports and labels required by Canada Post. Includes access to the Geocoding module as well as Move-Update for processing of address moves, do-not-mail suppression, and enhanced deceased suppression (additional fees apply).

Includes the following Presort options:

-Incentive Lettermail (Machineable)

-Personalized Mail (Machineable and Special Handling)

-Publications Mail (Machineable, Special Handling and Delivery Facility Presort)

-Palletization and brick piling

iAddress™ Full for US

CASS®/PAVE®-certified iAddress™ Full for US includes all reports and labels required by USPS and supports Full-Service mailings. Includes access to Move-Update for NCOALink™ processing of address moves (additional fees apply).

Includes Presort options for the following mail classes:

-First Class letters and flats

-Marketing Mail letters and flats

-Periodicals letters and flats

-Bound printed matter