How Changing Consumer Expectations and Behaviors Shape Omnichannel Direct Mail Strategy

Data Concerns Make Consumers — and Marketers — Wary Data and online privacy have been growing concerns, especially as marketers have increased personalization efforts and made data-gathering efforts more evident, and mass data leaks have flooded newspapers and feeds. The industry has reacted in recent years by calling for the elimination of third-party cookies used by advertisers to track a web user’s activity (keep in mind that third-party cookies differ from first-party cookies, which are used by individual sites to remember data like a user’s personal settings). Not only are marketers tasked with informing consumers about the data they may collect via online channels, but also providing them a means to opt out. Laws, regulations, and organizations are also making it more difficult for marketers to collect this information. For instance, Google will be phasing out third-party cookies from their Chrome browser by the end of 2023. However, offline data, predictive analytics, and other forms of data may have a more dominant role in both mail and online media in the near future.

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