iAddStatus Field

Character   Position



1Record Type CodeDefines the type of record in the Address Lookup and the Text Lookup file. The values are:


1 = Street Address Record

2 = Street Served by Route Record

3 = Lock Box Address Record

4 = Route Service Address Record

5 = General Delivery Address Record

A = Building Name Record

B = Large Volume Reciver Name (Street) Record

C = Government Name (Street) Record

D = Large Volume Receiver Name (Lock Box) Record

E = Government Name(LockBox) Record

F = General Delivery Name Record

2Address Type CodeA code denoting wheather an address is in the for of a civic address or in the form of a delivery installation address. Valid values are:


1 = Civic (Street) Address Format

2 = Delivery Installation (Station) Address Format

3Delivery Mode Type Description The part of the Delivery Mode which identifies the type of delivery service


A = Delivery to Block Face Address

B = Delivery to an Apartment Building

E = Delivery to a Business Building

G = Delivery to a Large Volume Receiver

H = Delivery via a Rural Route

J = General Delivery

K = Delivery to a PO Box (not a CMB)

M = Delivery to a Large Volume Reciver (PO BOX)

T = Delivery via a Suburban Service

X = Delivery via a Mobile Route

Z = Postal Code is retired (No further delivery to this code)

 4 – 5Questionable FlagsThe flag denoting that an address, deemed valid by the strict letter of the rules, may not have sufficient or corroborating elements to be deliverable.


QA = Questionable Apartment

QB = Questionable PO Box

QG = Questionable General Delivery

QL = Questionable LVR

QR = Questionable Rural

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