“Thanks SO much for your help with that issue we ran into last month, that awesome, you were like ninja.”



“I want to thank everyone in support for the  extra work you put in. The customer feed back I enjoy hearing is refreshing.
Flagship Software is a unique company with gifted, empathetic personnel that would make anyone proud to be associated with. Thanks especially for the work on (a customer), and others, which was… Read more “Wow”



“This system is soo awesome:) love everything it can do.”



I just wanted to thank you for all the help the Flagship Software Ltd. team has given me in the past year. You have a product that is dependable, efficient and offers some good options. The newsletter and customer support from your whole team is impressive. The newsletter keeps us up-to-date as it is very… Read more “Support”



Thanks very much.! It’s nice to work with a company that can actually effect changes requested by the customer.



Your software is a winner & we will keep it.



Awesome thanks a lot Justin! I’ve never experienced such fast and helpful support. Well Done!



I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your organization for making my life easier. Your Flagship software iAddress is not only user friendly, it has a lot more options that make the Addressed Admail mailing process faster and more efficient than (a competitive software). Also, your customer support is above average.… Read more “Thanks”



Did I tell you that your program is still 100% better than (a competitive software).We just saw a (competitive software) file and it is so different and not as good as your software.  Thanks for that and glad we changed years ago so that we could save money for our clients.


Very Pleased with Your Software

“We are very pleased with your software and your team. I always have all the support I need.
Time of response is always good and pertinence to the matter at hand is always to the point. I know that I made a good choice, in choosing your company to replace (a competitive software), whom… Read more “Very Pleased with Your Software”



We are happy with the Canadian version, it is a big improvement over the  (competitive) software we have been using. I tested it pretty heavily and am very happy with the results Thanks


“Tremendous pleasure and satisfaction”

Flagship Software:  It has been with tremendous pleasure and satisfaction working with you, your staff, and your software.  And once again I have to kick myself for not switching to your software many years ago. Thank you again!


Simple to Use and Highly Accurate

Just a quick note to let you know how pleased I am with iAddress Canadian address verification. I find the software simple to use and highly accurate. Our customers are also pleased for their updates which helps to standardize their postal addresses in their database Thanks,


A Pleasure to Work With

It’s a real pleasure to work with you and all the support team which I have contacted a few times. It will be a pleasure to recommend you and Flagship to any of my contacts. C’est sans hésitation que je recommande l’équipe de Flagship et le logiciel iAddress. Nous avons trouvé un service hors pair,… Read more “A Pleasure to Work With”



It is a privilege and pleasure to work with you and the Flagship Software Team. I also enjoy, appreciate working with your software and am thrilled that the Foundation approved the purchase of it.


Excellent Customer Service

Thank you this (software) is very helpful. It is great to know that you folks are always there to help, excellent customer service. I have found you all willing to assist at a moment’s notice.



Thank you so much!!! … we just love this iAddress software… I keep finding new uses for it all the time that are not even related to the intended functions (i.e. eliminate duplicates is a feature that I use all the time when doing various reports!!!!!!)



“I am glad that I have switched over to iAddress.  I am very happy with it. … When I send my customers the uncorrectables list, lots of them cannot believe that the addresses are wrong…”