Add-on Modules

These modules can be added to iAddress™ for an additional cost.

Move Update

This module includes Canadian NCOA US NCOALink®, Enhanced Deceased Suppression & Do-Not-Mail Suppression.


Harness the power of iAddress™ Geocoding to enhance your data and focus on relevant offers in a specific geographical area for all your targeted marketing needs! iAddress™ Geocoding will convert postal address data into longi­tude/latitude coordinates, enabling a more precise selection of data. Many filtering options are available to tailor your data by distance, number of records and non-geocoded addresses. Available as an add-on utility and designed to seamlessly integrate with iAddress™.

Machineable Label Utility

Let us create your own machineable container labels with this easy-to-use utility! This Container Label Add-on will let you produce a Machineable mailing and create all the required Machineable Mail Container Labels. Available as an add-on with iAddress™ ACV, included with iAddress Full version.

AddressMiner PRO

This separate utility will save hours of tedious manual labour to organize disparate data files. AddressMinerPRO will extract data from files where there is no order or discernible structure, and when address data is stored in single fields. There is no need to manually edit the file to properly order the fields! AddressMinerPRO can import from various text files including parsing of label formatted text files, and seamlessly integrates imported files directly into iAddress™.

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