Flagship Software Ltd.

We have been providing quality software solutions, custom programming services, network and systems support since 1992. We have provided custom software development world-wide and our software products are sold throughout North America and Europe.

Our premier product, iAddress™, was launched in 2000 and developed as a high quality, fully featured, user friendly product designed specifically for the needs of the mailing industry. As the market continued to demand faster, more intuitive, and solidly reliable correction regardless of input format or quality of the databases, we continued to enhance and refine our expertise to become the market leader in Canadian address management software and provide an integrated Canada-US product.

In addition to these products, our consulting division has been involved in business systems development, including CRM automation, web-based systems, large scale integration and internationalization issues. The consulting staff responsibilities include inventory planning solution implementations, data warehousing projects and custom software solutions for many Canadian and internationally-based companies.

Flagship Software Ltd. can provide complete business solutions, including software integration, implementation, documentation, training and topical education. Systems training and quality customer support is one of our areas of expertise, assisting clients in dealing with their own systems more effectively.

Flagship Software Ltd.’s experience and expertise means quality service for our clients. We combine a broad base of programming, hardware, software and networking knowledge with high quality hardware, superior service and training experience so that we can meet our client’s needs in a timely, efficient and cost-effective manner.

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