iMark PRO

iMark PRO

iMark PRO is the plug-and-play answer to your inserting needs! This is a simple-to-use, Windows PC  based drag and drop interface and requires no modifications to existing applications. Grouping and sorting documents is easy with iMark PRO.  There’s no need for an expensive, IT-based solution! Let iMark PRO reduce your printing and postage costs and increase productivity by sorting through your unprinted documents and collating the pages for the same recipient in one envelope or by emailing the customer. Available as a stand-alone product.

Intelligent Document Management

  • Produces a barcode to control the folder inserter for set or variable length documents
  • Allows full utilization of automation functions of folder/inserters
  • Ensures accuracy over manual insertion: documents of varying lengths are collated appropriately and double document security is built in
  • Allows the user to target specific customers based on selected criteria
  • Impact is added to mailings with selective inserting and diverting: includes business reply envelopes and advertising materials. Also diverts documents based on user specified criteria to different print jobs, for example, past due or zero balances
  • Reduces printing and postage costs duplex a single-sided document and add marks to the back side of the page
  • Maintains the integrity of the existing system by using preformatted PDF files
  • Ability to rotate the address block to the backside to facilitate inserting of a landscape document
  •  email documents to customer


iMark PRO Edition

A software which creates OMR, 1D & 2D barcodes for folder inserters to read on documents. The barcodes allow the folder inserter to collate the documents for easy insertion.

 Any business which utilizes a folder inserter for large scale document management.

iMark will reduce printing and postage costs for duplex, single-sided document and add marks to the back side of the page. It make sure all documents are in the correct order, reduces errors & the need to send items again.

PC Hardware:

  • Pentium 2GHz PC with 1 GB RAM or higher
  • 4 GB free hard disk space
  • CD-ROM
  • Windows 2000 OS or higher


  • Works with any Windows® compatible printer (prints to multiple printers with one license)
  • Pre-formatted data files in a PDF format
  • Internet Connectivity Required
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