iAddress™ Full

iAddress™ is a robust, fully-featured, stand-alone software providing address correction/validation and presort, with access to add-on modules. The software includes an intuitive interface with a mailing wizard  for ease-of-use. Utilities are included for duplicate identification and removal, record suppression, targeting, and individual address look-ups. It is available for both Canada and the United States and can be fully automated for hands-free processing.

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iAddress Full CA

SERP™/PERL™-recognized iAddress™ Full for Canada provides all reports and labels required by Canada Post. Includes access to the Geocoding module as well as Move-Update for processing of address moves, do-not-mail suppression, and enhanced deceased suppression (additional fees apply).

Includes the following Presort options:

  • Incentive Lettermail (Machineable)
  • Personalized Mail (Machineable and Special Handling)
  • Publications Mail (Machineable, Special Handling and Delivery Facility Presort)
  • Palletization and brick piling

iAddress™Full U.S.

CASS®/PAVE®-certified iAddress™ Full for US includes all reports and labels required by USPS and supports Full-Service mailings. Includes access to Move-Update for NCOALink™ processing of address moves (additional fees apply). Includes Presort options for the following mail classes:

  • First Class letters and flats
  • Marketing Mail letters and flats
  • Periodicals letters and flats
  • Bound printed matter
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Frequently Asked Questions.

iAddress™ is a fast and intelligent address hygiene solution for all your addressing needs. iAddress™ keeps you in contact with your customers and is renowned for speed, accuracy and includes the ability to obtain discounted postage rates and other extensive features such as de-duping and targeting tools. iAddress™ has the expertise to deliver the solution that’s right for your company.  iAddress™ is a market leading SERP™/PERL™ recognized Canadian and CASS™ / PAVE™ US certified software.

Any company concerned with maintaining address hygiene for their customer contact database can benefit from the iAddress™ software. Examples of businesses who use iAddress™ are:

  • Mail Shops / Printers / Marketing Companies
  • Educational / Government / Financial Institutions
  • Insurance / Unions / Auction Companies
  • Retail stores and Service Bureaus
  • Call centres and Data compilers
  • Charities and Not-for-Profit organizations
  • Hospitals and Healthcare facilities
  • And more!

Address correction will enhance a business’ image, ensure timely delivery of goods and reduce costs from lost and returned mail. The iAddress™ software enables you to access postal discounts for both Canada Post and USPS. Mailings can be targeted more efficiently and specifically to increase response rates.

For Canadian postal discounts, complete and submit a credit application to CPC (Canada Post Corporation). After you receive a customer number, apply for a permit number for each type of mailing. Once the mailing has been prepared, pack in appropriate containers. Complete a Statement of Mailing (SOM) and take the mailing to RVU or another approved depot.

For USPS discounts, you will need to obtain a Mailer ID. It is best to contact the USPS depot where you will be inducting your mail as every depot has different rules and regulations. Here is the link to the Business Customer Gateway:  https://gateway.usps.com/eAdmin/view/knowledge?id=MID

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