Address Management Software and Services

With rapid changes in today’s business environment, finding an IT partner who understands your needs and can deliver the skills and resources required has become important to a company’s success. Flagship Software Ltd. provides professional consulting services utilizing leading edge technologies and innovative solution strategies. We provide our clients with successful solutions to their business challenges by determining the optimal set of tools and technologies required to meet their specific or project needs.

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Custom Application Development

Custom application development is an appropriate option when a company determines that its method of doing business is its competitive advantage or when a vital link in its information technology is missing. Outsourcing application development is a key strategy for companies whose primary business is not software.

Software Consulting Services

Competitive pressures and sophisticated customers require today’s businesses to demand cost-effective and speedy solutions to business processes. In response to these pressures, there has been an enormous increase in packaged software applications, offering “canned” solutions to many of a company’s business needs. However, these component-based packages often require customization to fit the needs of today’s rapidly evolving business environments, especially those relating to customer relationship management and e-commerce.Integrating this new technology internally, from the design stage to staff training often leads to expensive, delayed projects with less functionality than desired. Finding a technology partner who can understand and optimize implementations is essential in these fast-changing global business environments.

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