Product Descriptions


Harness the power of iAddress™ Geocoding to enhance your data and focus on relevant offers in a specific geographical area for all your targeted marketing needs! iAddress™ Geocoding will convert postal address data into longi­tude/latitude coordinates, enabling a more precise selection of data. Many filtering options are available to tailor your data by distance, number of records and non-geocoded addresses.  Available as an add-on utility and designed to seamlessly integrate with iAddress™.


Simplify your small mailings with iFuse!  This module works seamlessly with iAddress™ to create a series of merged reports by selecting multiple iAddress™ jobs of similar qualities. The result is three combined reports: Validation, Statement of Mailing and Mailing Plan which can be uploaded to Canada Post.  Available as an add-on to iAddress™ full version.


Is a separate utility designed to help manage disorganized data files. AddressMinerPRO can extract address data from files where there is no order or discernible structure, and where address data is stored in single fields. Previously, in order to work with a file like this, you would have had to manually edit the file to properly order the fields. This can be very difficult and tedious with files that contain thousands, or even hundreds of thousands of records. 


Keep your Canadian customer files current even if they relocate. Using Canada Post mover data, process lists in real-time to ensure you stay in contact. Standard NCOA processing includes access to the mover data as well as do-not-mail and enhanced deceased suppression at no additional charge. Requires signing the appropriate Terms of Use with Canada Post annually.


Keep your US customer files current even if they relocate. Using USPS’s NCOALink data, process lists in real-time to ensure you stay in contact. Available as an annual, unlimited license, NCOALink processing requires annual signing of a USPS Processing Acknowledgement Form.


Want to make your mail stand out above the crowd? Your solution is iEnvelopePRO! This  stand-alone utility provides design tools to create a unique custom-made envelope from invoices to advertisements. This easy-to-use, drag-and-drop software accepts most database formats including Access, Excel, dBase and text files and allows insertion of Fixed, variable and rotated text, along with Graphics, indicias, permits and barcodes. iEnvelopePRO is compatible with most production ink jet printers using your installed WindowsTM drivers and seamlessly integrates into iAddressTM when installed on the same computer.

iMark PRO

iMark PRO is the plug-and-play answer to your inserting needs! This is a simple-to-use, Windows PC  based drag and drop interface and requires no modifications to existing applications. Grouping and sorting documents is easy with iMarkPRO.  There’s no need for an expensive, IT-based solution! Let iMarkPRO reduce your printing and postage costs and increase productivity by sorting through your unprinted documents and collating the pages for the same recipient in one envelope or by emailing the customer. Available as a stand-alone product.

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