image 1 placeholder Use iEnvelopePRO to design the right envelope for your mailing. From invoices to advertisements, iEnvelopePRO provides the tools to create the impact you are looking for. This software is compatible with most production ink jet printers and uses your installed WindowsTM drivers. While designed as a stand-alone software, iEnvelopePRO will also seamlessly integrate into the iAddressTM Print options when installed on the same computer.

iEnvelopePRO for WindowsTM includes the following standard features:
  • Importing of most database formats including Access, Excel, dBase and text files
  • Ability to save template designs for repeat jobs
  • On-screen envelope preview
  • Imperial or metric formatting with optional snap-to grid and rulers for perfect layouts
  • Simple to use, drop-down menus to insert:
    • Fixed, variable and rotated text
    • Graphics
    • Canadian indicia
    • US Permits
    • US Barcodes
  • Drag and drop interface for placing envelope components
  • Database view and search functions
  • Printing options include:
    • Printing Template or Full Job
    • Printing Overlay or Variable information separately
  • Includes printer commands for automatically pausing and restarting jobs:
    • Timed breaks
    • Operator-initiated resume
  • 3 user license with 12 months of technical support
  • Optional support available after initial license period

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