Advantages of having mailing software

Advantages of having mailing software

Advantages of having mailing software

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Having a business can be a very rewarding experience but it does come with a lot of challenges. For a business that is in the shipping and receiving business, having the right tools at its disposal can go a long way for them. One of the best possible tools […]

Analysis: Postal woes demand jump in stamp price to 60 cents

Analysis: Postal woes demand jump in stamp price to 60 cents

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Hide caption By Hope Yen, The Associated Press WASHINGTON — A 60 cent postage stamp? The U.S. Postal Service would have to boost prices for mailing letters and packages by nearly 20 percent — the biggest one-time increase in its history — to avoid bankruptcy and improve delivery service, […]

Canada Post segment reports $31-million profit before tax in second quarter, driven by strong growth in parcels

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Mail volumes and revenue continue their steady decline OTTAWA – Strong growth in parcel volumes in the second quarter of 2017 highlights Canada Post’s role in helping Canadian businesses grow through e-commerce. In the second quarter, parcel volumes grew by 10 million pieces or 23.0 per cent compared to […]

Will Your Express Consent Count?

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[…]5 types of consent you might claim under CASL and what requirements must be met in order to claim them. […]Mark’s Work Warehouse and Canadian Tire have it right – all 4 elements – no big deal!

[…]Clearly someone in management understands the business risks of non-compliance. CASL is the law when marketing to Canadians and it is not optional! (though MANY companies appear to be treating it that way). Thanks Canadian Tire and Mark’s for taking it seriously.


4 Ways to Integrate Direct Mail Into Your Digital Marketing Landscape

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As the media landscape continues to shift, it is increasingly vital for marketers to adapt their brands’ marketing mix and strategies accordingly. With an ever-growing number of platforms and mediums used to circulate information, savvy brands must evolve or suffer. All too often, though, more and more marketing dollars […]

Great marketing is as much about creating relationships as it is conveying a message. Rather than using tired mail merge and template emails, employ data-rich information to make marketing messages more personal and make them stand out from the clutter. As with email, direct mail provides the opportunity to deliver highly-customized and unique messages to consumers. Dividing them by geographic region and keeping track of purchase patterns in order to anticipate needs will help you meet customers’ specific wants and needs. Applying this strategy to your already-engaging direct mail medium will yield an impressive ROI.

There is nothing quite like teaching an old dog new tricks. Creating a digital tie-in with print mediums greatly improves the sometimes-limiting medium. Though the possibilities are endless for incorporating digital elements into printed materials, here are a few quick examples:

– Use a QR code to direct customers to a landing page, social campaign or video.

– Embed traceable links that will allow your team to capture rich user information, like location, demographics, referrals and conversions, all of which will inform future campaign strategy and expectations and help measure ROI, as well as provide a data-rich understanding for how your consumers are engaging with your brand across channels.

While these tips only scratch the surface for building a fully integrated marketing campaign, they may serve as a catalyst for your next brainstorming session, and inspire the creative minds in your organization who develop your brand’s unique strategies.


This is a market-leading, simple-to-use Canadian SERP™/PERL™ recognized and USPS CASS™/PAVE™ certified address management and presortation software. It is designed with flexibility and speed iAddress™ validates and corrects your database returning the most accurate address results so you can maximize discounted postage rates. The software will eliminate the need for pre-processing of your files. iAddress™ is the only software that supports and merges multiple database formats into one job, including importing and exporting to Excel, Access, text, Paradox, FoxPro, Dbase and ODBC.

iAddress™ is customizable to fit your specific needs. The dual language options (English or French), Address Correction/ Validation or Full version (includes presortation) for Canadian or US addresses. Recognized for all Canada Post sorts and certified for most USPS sorts, iAddress™ produces barcoded container & bundle labels and Mailing Plan for automatic updating of the Electronic Shipping Tools (CPC) and POatage Statement & Qualification reports (USPS).

The integrated Canadian NCOA (National Change of Address) / US NCOALink® modules available by subcription so you can keep your database current and meet USPS Move Update requirements to qualify for postal discounts.

iAddress™ standard features include:

  • Job Wizard to simplify your job quickly and easily by creating a config file for automation and batch processing
  • Multiple input and output file formats
  • Automatic splitting of databases containing one field for province/Postal Code or city/province/Postal Code
  • Sophisticated de-duping and extensive filtering options to maximize delivery and increase response rates
  • All reports and labels required for postal discounts

Contact Flagship Software LTD. at to find out how your company can take advantage of iAddress™ today!

iAddress™ Web Demonstrations & Training

Flagship Software continues to offer Web Demos & Training! If you are a new customer, would like a refresher course on iAddress™ or if you have new hires, please contact us at 416-410-6357 x. 1 or TF 1-866-672-0007 ext. 1 or to schedule a web session.

The Benefits of Using iAddress™

Using address correcting software has many benefits for individuals and businesses. Addresses which are corrected are more accurate and create less problems such as:

  • Paying more for postage
  • Risking not reaching the customer or prospect
  • Wasting postage and production costs
  • Increasing marketing costs
  • Risking  penalties from courier companies
  • Risking  increased administrative costs
  • Reducing value and flexibility of the data

Address correcting software helps businesses save money and accurately reach their customers. The chances of wasting capital on sending mail to nonexistent addresses is drastically decreased. iAddress™ helps businesses and individuals better reach their clients in a cost effective manner.



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